Martin "Marty" Jacobs

Father of the Jacobs family, Mechanic by trade


Age: 48

Height: 6’4

Weight: 182lbs

DOB: 13/03/1964


Born prematurely on Friday the 13th, nobody held out much hope of Martin Jacobs survival.

A full month of intensive care saw his health improve dramatically and soon his mother and father (Mary and Frank) were allowed to take him home. His brother William was born 2 years later.

Marty was raised in a small home on Linden avenue, Gibsonburg, Ohio. His father (after the war) made a living buying cars in disrepair, fixing them up and selling them on for a profit.

Marty was never stupid, but had absolutely no passion for school. Though he expressed great interest in his fathers work, and quickly cultivated the skills he needed to drop out of school, move to Toledo, and start his own auto repair business.

Business has been consistently steady enough for him to support himself and his growing family, though he has recently sold the business to enjoy an early retirement, he still tinkers with cars for friends and family and his own personal projects.

He met his wife, Janet in 1982 on his way to visit his parents from Toledo. Her car had broken down in the pouring rain on route 20 and he stopped to help. The two have been happily married for 27 years, have lived in Sylvania for 20 of those years and have 3 children, Chad (born 1982), Corey (born 1989) and Sarah (born 1990).

Martin "Marty" Jacobs

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